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Holistic/Integrative Veterinary Medicine

Natural Solutions for chronic problems -- taking old-school techniques high tech.


Attention Pet Owners: Save your pet's old rabies tags and put them on your keyring.
Vets are required to keep all rabies information for 5 years.
If your keys are lost, they can be returned to you if the person finding them calls your vet
based upon the information specified on the rabies tag.
We've already had some keys returned to their owners this way!

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To see the Natural Companions video on Dr. Woods treating "Naughty" the barrel horse
with Light Therapy, click here.

To see the News 9 interview broadcast March 20, 2009 on Dr. Woods light therapy, click here.
Be sure to watch the video!

======================News Worthy======================
Dr. Dryden's flea and tick videos:
  On the cases and referrals I see, my goal is to get the pet off as many medications as possible.
I want to stop treating/suppressing the symptoms and driving the disease deeper into the pet's body. 
I want to address the root causes of symptoms and through the use of molecular minerals
and light therapy, help the pet's body heal itself.

I believe many chronic pain conditions can be helped greatly by supplementing with bio-available molecular minerals. 

In a painful condition, the nerves are continuously stimulating muscle cells.  Even if the cells had a good supply

of minerals, they are going to soon be mineral depleted with the constant stimulation. This will then greatly contribute to

the patient’s pain. It is the same concept as a football player cramping up after playing hard on a warm day.

Thus, if minerals are able to be delivered intracellularly and thus draw water into the cell restoring

hydration and the correct chemical andelectrical gradients, the pain will be diminished.

Red light therapy is acupuncture using 660 nm light instead of needles. What this means today, is we are able to use
red (660nm) light generated from LED’s to stimulate specific acupuncture points to make the brain release chemicals to
cause healing of specific parts of the body. The light just needs to penetrate the skin to the underlying collagen. 
(Most acupuncture points are defined by a well of collagen surrounding the ramification of a nerve in the skin.) 
Collagen is peizo and pyro-electric, which means the red light acts as “pressure” which induces an electrical
charge that travels to a specific part of the thalamus/hypothalamus.  The brain cells release chemicals
that travel to specific parts of the body, via the blood, to effect healing.

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